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Now you can use Hollywood's formula for creating box office hits that earn millions of dollars so you can build your case like a movie.

The 7-Figure Framework outlined in this new book gives you a proven formula to captivate your audience, connect with them emotionally, and cause them to give you a Box Office Verdict.

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"At the heart of every great legal case is an even better human story."

Kenny Berger

Build Your Case Like a Movie

People look to the screen to be informed, entertained, and persuaded. When you follow Hollywood's 7-Figure Framework you'll connect emotionally with your audience and compel them to give you a larger settlement - what the authors call a Box Office Verdict.

More than a video production company, Box Office Verdict is a training company that teaches your staff how to think like a producer so you'll better understand how to more powerfully persuade people who are used to getting their information from a screen.

In this new book, Jay and Michael reveal this 7-Figure Framework and explain how to win larger settlements by following each step. By using this formula that Hollywood has used for years to move money out of your pocket, you'll be able to put more money in your pocket and the pocket of your client. It begins when you learn how to Build Your Case Like a Movie.

As a former South Carolina State Trooper and Reality TV producer, Jay understands litigation, investigation, and production. He brings these together for you in a very entertaining and informative book. His business partner and co-author, Michael DeLon, teaches how to write visually and implant mental images in the mind of your audience.

This ground-breaking book is your ticket to larger settlements.

Win a Larger Settlement Using Hollywood's

7-Figure Framework

and get results like these clients...

Kenneth Berger

Colombia, SC

Meredith Hinton

Greenville, NC

Brady Thomas

Charleston, SC

Sam McGee

Charlotte, NC

"From his background in law enforcement, Jay Russell understands the process of gathering evidence, including the psychology of witnesses. From his background in television, Jay understands, far better than most of us, the way in which our potential jurors take in information on a daily basis. They do so looking at screens. The combination of these backgrounds uniquely suits Jay to help build a case and present it in a compelling fashion."


Sam McGee

Tin Fulton Walker & Owen Law Firm


"I go with Jay and his team because I learn that there are many other aspects of the case that I had not recognized. This is due to Jay’s experience in the investigation of cases and the execution of production."

Meredith Hinton

Ricci Law Firm

"I strongly believe that Jay’s videography increased the value of a recent case by no less than a half-million dollars.

Jay understands storytelling, and that at the heart of every great legal case is an even better human story."

Kenny Berger

Law Office of Kenneth E. Berger

"Jay Russell is wonderful to work with, are completely professional, and attentive to client needs. They produce very high quality work.The video presentation produced for our client’s case was outstanding.

Jay even arranged for our client and his son to go to a non-profit hunting camp for disabled hunters. This gave the client hope for the future that, despite his paralyzing injuries, he’ll still be able to experience joy and satisfaction in life. It’s truly difficult to measure how much that meant to our client."

David Ventura

Crumley Roberts, LLP

"Jay’s combined experience in television and litigation make him uniquely qualified to help my clients. His story telling ability and video quality are assets in every case."

Brady Thomas

Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, LLC

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Get Your Free Copy of this New Book and Learn How to Win Larger Settlements Using Hollywood's 7-Figure Framework to Build Your Case Like a Movie.

Jay is a former South Carolina State Trooper and star of his own reality TV series.


He not only starred in these shows, he has created and produced TV shows that have been sold for millions of dollars. 


Jay has been investigating civil litigation cases for many years. These investigations combined with our video productions have resulted in the settling of cases for millions of dollars. This experience from both worlds allows Jay to turn your personal injury cases into an extremely compelling visual story.


Jay and his wife Reesa live near their children and grandchildren in South Carolina.

Michael DeLon is the co-founder of Box Office Verdict and the President and founder of Paperback Expert.


He helps clients connect emotionally with their audience through visual writing and mental image communication methods.


He is the author of six books, is an Amazon #1 Best-selling author, speaker, marketing strategist, and business growth coach. 


He is the husband of one and father of four. He’s a committed follower of Jesus Christ and is deeply involved in his church. You can normally find Michael investing time with his family or helping others live a more fulfilling life.

Questions??? Send an email to Jay at the address below.

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